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Slipstreaming is the term used to describe the process of modifying an original installation (eg. Microsoft Office) to include a particular update or change. You can then use the resulting image to install the updated application.

These guides are based on information freely available on the internet, and were created for the convenience of our readers. Slipstreaming is not illegal or unethical in any respect, and we do not endorse using pirated software.

Slipstreaming Office XP to SP1:
After using this guide, you should be able to install Office XP with SP1 already integrated onto a computer.

1. Download the admin version of the service pack [ link ]
2. Run the executable file and accept the license agreement.
3. Extract the Service Pack to your hard drive. For example, type C:\OXPSP1A and click OK.
4. Now use your original Office XP CD to make an administrative install point. To do this, use the command setup /a.
5. When asked for an installation folder, choose somewhere easy to remember on your disk, ex. C:\OFFICEXP
6. Next, use this command to apply the update:

    msiexec /a c:\officexp\proplus.msi /p c:\oxpsp1a\MAINSP1_Admin.msp SHORTFILENAMES=1

7. When update is done, burn the contents of c:\officexp to CD. You have your own Office XP-SP1 slipstreamed CD!

: You can append /qb+ to the command in step 6 to avoid receiving the Office XP Administrative Installation dialog box and the End User License Agreement dialog box.

NOTE: You can follow the same procedure to slipstream an Office-SP1 CD to SP2!
You *must* apply SP1 before trying SP2, then repeat the above steps, changing the filenames as necessary.

Slipstreaming Windows XP to SP1a:
After using this guide, you should be able to install Windows XP with SP1a already integrated onto a computer.

1. In preparation, create a folder like C:\XP. Inside that folder, create 3 subfolders:

  • XP-SP1A
2. Copy the entire contents of your original Windows XP CD to C:\XP\CD-ROOT.
3. Download the network version of the service pack and save it to C:\XP [ link ]
4. Extract the service pack using the following command:

   C:\XP\xpsp1a_en_x86.exe /U /X:C:\XP\XP-SP1a

5. Apply the service pack to your original CD image using the following command:


6. To make the CD Bootable, you'll have to download this Microsoft Boot Image and follow these instructions:
   Note: These instructions were made for Nero Burning Rom - best burning software hands down. Go get it!
  • From the New Compilation Window, select CD-ROM (Boot)
  • Under the BOOT tab, choose 'image file', and browse to the MS-BOOTCD.bin you just downloaded.
  • Choose no emulation, and change the number of loaded sectors to 4.
  • Under the LABEL tab, set the following properties:
    Volume Label : WXPVOL_EN
    System Identifier : WXPVOL_EN
    Volume Set : WXPVOL_EN
    Application : WXPVOL_EN

  • Proceed to burn the entire contents of your CD-ROOT folder, and finalize the CD.
7. Your done! Remember to always use the latest version of Nero.


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